EHS Solutions has significant experience in providing training to varying workgroups. Training is a key aspect to increasing awareness in the workplace, and providing workers with the information for them to help themselves.


EHS can provide traditional training and communication through classroom style learning and toolbox talks as well as creating Training DVDs and Quick Reference Guides (QRG) for occupational hygiene equipment use.

Training packages are tailored to the client’s needs and are therefore flexible in content, length and presentation style.

Following is an example of the training packages that EHS Solutions has prepared and presented.

  • Fundamentals of occupational hygiene
  • Thermal stress
  • Noise awareness
  • Hazardous substances awareness and management
  • Personal Protective Equipment use and maintenance

EHS has developed Quick Reference Guides for ten pieces of Occupational Hygiene Equipment provided to numerous groups within Defence. These are ‘How-To’ guides with plenty of photos to ensure ease of understanding. To complement this, DVDs were made to show how the equipment is operated as well as an overall training manual. Training for various areas within the Department of Defence has been a considerable part of EHS Solutions work, assisting in improving the Occupational Hygiene Capability.

QRGs have also been developed for ERP Engineering for diesel exhaust monitoring equipment, to allow users an easy refresher when needed.

Jen regularly teaches on the Australian Institute of Occupational Hygienists (AIOH) Basic Principles of Occupational Hygiene course (www.aioh.org.au), as well as organising and teaching the Defence Monitoring of Occupational Hygiene Hazards (MOHH) course.