Airborne Contaminants


EHS Solutions provides advice and where necessary, exposure monitoring, for any variety of atmospheric contaminants found in the workplace. These include dusts, mists, vapours, gases and fibres.

Airborne Contaminants

Sampling is generally recommended to be personal sampling in the breathing zone of the worker, however at times, particularly when assessing controls, static sampling may be necessary.

Assessment and advice of current controls is provided.

EHS Solutions has conducted this type of work for many and varied workplaces including large corporations and small businesses. The work has been requested as part of regulatory compliance, duty of care, human resources issues, union queries and worker enquiry. Any monitoring is tailored to suite the individual client, the workplace, the hazard and risk, and the purpose of the monitoring.

Airborne Contaminants

EHS Solutions developed and managed the Occupational Hygiene Monitoring Programme for Soutn 32 (BHP Billiton, Illawarra Coal) for nine years. This entailed determining the SEGs (similar exposure groups) across three underground coal mining sites, two washeries, logistics and a coal terminal. Number of samples, sampling times and varieties (generally inhalable and respirable dust, respirable silica, welding fume and diesel particulate) were determined, all results reviewed, communicated to workers and stored securely in a database. Statistical evaluation of sampling was completed for each monitoring program.

Smaller programmes have been completed for one off, annual or regular monitoring. Clients include TruEnergy (EnergyAustralia), Horizons Credit Union and Port Kembla Gateway.